Monday, January 31, 2011

"What recession?"- says the rich

Today was a sad day. No, no one died. No, it wasn't a bad hair day. Today I realized what an immense effect this deteriorating economy has really had on me. Today I realized that right now, I simply cannot purchase those US$700 Johnny boots from Yves Saint Laurent that I oh so desperatly needed to complete one of my looks for fashion week. (Why me Lord!)

And just when I was beginning to cheer myself up by thinking that I wasn't the only one to have to cut back, I found this video by New York Magazine. I really wish I had the life of the lady in the fur coat. Oh what it must feel like to continue going on spontaneous shopping sprees at Bergdof Goodman and having French manicures at Henri Bendel without any regard for the millions of jobless.

A boy can only dream........


  1. I´ve seen you like McQueen!! come to muy blog! my next post is all about him!
    I´m the creator of SAN: a funny character that will wear the most showstopper items from this and past seasons! (will wear McQueen SOOOOONN) Hope you like it. /there´s a story behind her and stuff ;)

    BTW. I´m following you!!
    Hope you can follow back!
    Se you in The Lovely San!
    I´d love to hear you back!



  2. Yes, I long for Johnnys as well... WTF... why am I so broke


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