Saturday, January 29, 2011

Define couture? Christian Dior S/S 2011

John 11:35, “Jesus wept.” And so did I as I watched the Dior Spring/Summer 2011 haute couture show.

Sometimes I forget what possesses me to want to work and devote so much of my time to this vicious, cut throat industry. But after watching this show I was reminded. Reminded that fashion is not just about the construction of a garment for the sake of not being nude. Reminded that fashion is a way of escaping the trials and tribulations of life. Reminded that if created with the correct vision in mind, it can transcend you into a world where your wildest, most luxurious fantasies can be realized. Reminded that I am a glutton for beauty.

Skeptics often identify fashion lovers as being ludicrous people that squander money on material things. But why do they not call art buyers the same? Why is purchasing a US$2,000,000 painting by Vincent Van Gogh considered more practical than buying a US$40,000 handcraft and personally modified ball gown by Cristóbal Balenciaga Eizaguirre? Are they both not art?

The term “Haute Couture” is a phrase that can only legally be used by a handful of fashion houses in France. The house of Christian Dior continues to show us why they are among those. In addition to the dazzling embroidery, ostrich feathers were used to give the illusion of ink stained dresses and thousands of sequins for what at first glance would appear to be pencil lines. Many of the gowns were also adorned in the finest white marabou to top off the look of extravagant elegance.

Whenever the dark cloud of depression beings to intoxicate my brain with the thoughts that couture is a dying art form, I can always count on Galliano to reinvigorate my fashion spirit and evaporate my craving until the next season

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