Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Power of Color| Spring 2011 Campaigns!

Color; the one thing I never thought I would miss so much. After a winter filled with the melancholy hues of black's and grey's, I am beyond ecstatic about putting a splash of color in my depressed wardrobe this spring.

After walking around Fifth Avenue this week I noticed that the mink fur coats are already coming down and the pink lined crusher hats are going up! Here's a look at what you'll see as you start your spring shopping endeavors. 

Donna Karan



As the trees begin to blossom once again and the sound of snow under your boots begins to fade, which fashion house will be taking your money this season?


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  1. Wow, just came across this, Gucci wins for me! You have included so many beautiful pictures =]


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