Monday, July 5, 2010

CHRISTIAN DIOR: Paris Haute Couture Fall 2010/11 !!!!!!

Today kicked off the Fall/ Winter Haute Couture shows in Paris and I must admit, I am salivating! John Galliano, creative director of the French house of Dior may have had inspiration from the rather cliché source of flowers, but this was definatly not your common day, flower patterned, spring time fashion show.

If you seem to be having a case of Déjà vu after viewing these photos, it's probably because the collection was dedicated to the "Tulip" line designed by Christian Dior himself in 1953. Cinched waists, an array of vibrant primary colors and lots of organza all came together to complete one of the most beautiful collections I've seen all season. And to top off these gorgeous bouquet-like dresses? Red and yellow cellophane covering the models heads and faces. 

This is one of the first haute couture shows that I've seen in a long time where the clothes are both stunning AND wearable. Affordability on the other hand, may be another issue. Dior's, and many other couture pieces cost over US$40,000. Nevertheless, Galliano claims that the economy has not greatly affected the over 300 persons around the world that still actively purchase haute couture.

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