Sunday, May 2, 2010

10 year old fashion designer!

Cecilia Cassani wearing a piece from her latest collection called Boat

Cecilia Cassini may appear to be your average 5th grader but she is in fact a fashion child prodigy! At the tender age of 10 she is already on her way to being a leading fashion designer.

After her first trip to Paris as a baby she began reading the biographies of famed European designers such as Valentino, Christian Dior and her idol Coco Chanel and soon thereafter, she began her quest at being one of the greatest designers of her time.

Her designing began at age 6 after she received a sewing machine as a birthday gift. Today she designs clothes for girls ranging from tiny toddlers to tweens. Her clothes have even been bought by celebrity Denise Richards for her kids! This week, Cecilia sold her newest collection of dresses to Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica. And get this! Yesterday she hosted her very own trunk show at Tough Cookies Children's Boutique where she sold over 50 of her pieces in 3 hours!

First Tavi Gevinson and now Cecilia Cassini.... Is it just me or are fashionistas getting younger and younger?

What do you think about little Cecilia? Comment link above!

Cecilia with Miley Cyrus


  1. damn!!! now i feel useless
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  2. you should change the font color. nobody can see it!
    Other that, It's pretty good.


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