Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Experimental Specs: UDER & UDER for Marc C!

Hailing from Osaka, Japan is the most unique “experimental specs” on the market today!  I can’t even remember how, where or when I got wind of this relatively new eyewear line but I’ve been intrigued by them ever since. These futuristic looking, made-to-order works of art are made entirely of brass and they take just about ohhhh......36 hours PER PAIR to make! No machinery here! They’re completely handmade and also come in a handmade Chammy leather case.

Celebrities are beginning to snatch them up too! frequently wears them on the Black Eye Peas 2010 world tour and Rhianna has also recently bought a pair.

You can find out more about this revolutionary brand here. Also check out the other website of Uder’s CEO, Tatsuya Okamoto if you’re looking for HOT vintage designer sunglasses- Solakzade

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Uder for Marc C
Uder for Marc C
Uder Collection

Chammy leather case

designer/artisan of UDER Bana Itahashi in Uderkun

CEO Tatsuya Okamoto in UDER zzz

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