Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Spring is here and there are a plethora of goodies that I just HAVE to have! Here’s my starter list....

This luxurious Balenciaga Light camel skin bag with aged silver hardware and Balenciaga embossed leather tag 
Price: $2,095.00

A less expensive option could be this black leather Balenciaga iPhone case
Price: $185

...but then again, I really need a bag to put my iPhone! So if you can, you can generously donate this Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Jorn Bag.
Price: $1500

I also lost a lot of weight recently and my pants are just falling off! This Beige/ ebony belt with Gucci scrip text would help out with this problem sooo much!
Price: $295

Some new kicks would also be nice :) Made of elaphe snake skin, suede and patent leather, These Jimmy Choo sneakers scream my name!
Price: $500-$600

Last but not least you must pair these goodies with the latest and finest jewelry. For me, that would be these skull rings from Alexander McQueen. You can either get me the first which is an antique gold knuckle-duster with blue swarovski crystal detail or the second... a  skull and bee cocktail ring with swarovski crystal detail.

Prices: $550 & $330

Thank in advanced and hope to open these in my mail box soon xD !

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  1. I <3 the ringsssss!



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