Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wanna drink fashion? Karl Lagerfield & Coco Rocha for Coca Cola!

We wear luxury, we drive luxury so why not drink luxury! The giant of the fashion world and the giant of the beverage world have collided! This week I learned that Coca Cola and the Kaiser himself, Karl Lagerfield have partnered together to create a new design for Coca Cola Light! Plastered in opaque ice-white aluminum and topped with a hot pink cap, this bottle is definitely a unique design for the Coca Cola brand. The bottle also features an undeniable silhouette of Karl in his signature black suit and ponytail.

The campaign, which was shot by the always hands-on Lagerfield features Baptiste Giacobini along side one of my favorite top models Coco Rocha who drinks the Coca Cola Light out of a crystal goblet.

You can currently purchase this bubbly sip of luxury at Collette in Paris for around US$ 4.70 or wait for the soon to be released “limited edition boxed version of the bottle, with matching bottle opener” for US$64. Hopefully it will reach retail stores in the US soon! 

To drink or not to drink...that is the question! Comment arriba↑


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