Wednesday, January 20, 2010

TT is coming to Town!

TT is not an acronym for TaTa's (blush) but instead for Tom Tom; one of the new up and coming fashion designers that I WILL be keeping my eyes on. Although some may consider designer Thomas Knight as being relatively "new" to the game, his one of a kind creations have been worn by many NY socialites, stars and models such as the Queen B*tch herself.... Lil' Kim, Ms. "I change my hair more than Joan Rivers gets plastic surgery" Raquel Reed and the #1 tranny in the world with a FIERCE (MeowWww...?) Amanda Lepore.

Tom toms creations are very in the NOW and he makes no regrets for his bold designs. That's why I think he will be the next big thing to hit the industry. He somehow has captured a style that many young women today seem to be after; femininity with a PUNCH! He has been able to mix the hardcore grungy style with a hint ballerina-esque details.... making his clothing attractive to a wide demographic.

If you get a chance, check out his website or you can purchase his designs at Patricia Fields in New York!

Lets hear your comments (link above)!

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