Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Valentino| Fall/Winter 2011-12 Ad Campaign

"Four women – young, dynamic, sensual - four different beauties, four different stories for the Valentino Advertising Campaign Fall/Winter 2011-12.

A unique aim: to show the timeless allure of an ultra-feminine character, graceful and delicate, elusive and entrancing.

David Sims - with the art Direction of Riccardo Ruini - imaginary once again to described the feminine and delicate spirit of the Maison. Introducing color in a very subtle way, never too strong, as a frame to the lightness of the fabrics, a pale atmosphere. Girls lying on the floor, or blurred in the background to give an overall mysterious mood. Shot in Villa Parisi (built in 1600) a beautiful location full of history that was Paolina Bonaparte summer residence. The decadence of the location is the perfect contrast to the contemporary collection.

Source: Valentino

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