Thursday, March 10, 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2011 (+Full Video)

I am starting to run out of adjectives to describe how passionate I am about the works of art produced by the house of Alexander McQueen. I could easily see McQueen himself producing this same collection. His successor, Sarah Burton did an amazing job!

Held in La Conciergerie, the prison of queen Marie Antoinette, the collection encapsulated both her story as well as that of Lee's. Dark eras, exhibited in the structured bondage leather tops and zippers and well as soft elegance, encompassed by the gorgeous white tulle with its hypnotic movement and fur. The heritage skirts and dresses also brought back nostalgic memories of Lee; a silhouette which if not already, will soon be a signature style for the house.

I have posted a few pictures from below as well as the full video of the show. Enjoy!

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