Saturday, December 4, 2010

VI Makeup Artist| Mickey Monroe for Runway Passport!!

As we near the season of gift giving, I started contemplating with myself as to which is my favorite holiday of the year. Without having to spend too much time on the subject, I soon came to the conclusion that my favorite day was Halloween! No, not because of all the new scary movies and all the candy that you get to eat, but because you really get to experiment with makeup and think outside of the conventional "box".

Thinking outside of that "box" is something that Virgin Islands makeup artist Mickey Monroe is no stranger to. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing this young lady about her beyond phenomenal cosmetic skills for Runway Passport; a new online fashion and beauty publication that features talented individuals from across the globe.

Make sure to Click This to read the entire article. In the meanwhile, here are a few pics of the work from the self proclaimed "Picasso" of makeup.


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